Defending Calvinism Series: T1 — Common Ordinary Reprobates

Join Pastor James Brown Jr as he defends the doctrines of grace against the attacks of Matthew Stucky of Verity Baptist Church Manila. This series will be broke up into 5 subgroups following the TULIP acronym. In the first part of this series we will deal with the doctrine of Total Depravity. This first episode refutes the New IFB doctrine of "normal, common, everyday unsaved people" as presented by Matthew Stucky. Don't miss this series as we assault the gates of hell with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Defending Calvinism Series: Introduction

During 2019, Standing Firm will be defending Calvinism from the Biblical eisegesis and outlandish charges of the New IFB Movement. Specifically, we will be reviewing a series of videos by Pastor Matthew Stucky of Verity Baptist Church Manila. In his series he presents a refutation of Calvinism following the acronym TULIP as his outline for the series. This episode is the introduction to our series as we give an answer to Mr. Stucky's slanderous assault against the Doctrines of Grace.

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Pucker Up! Kissing Joshua Harris Goodbye: The Midlife Crisis of Faith

In this episode of The PODestant Reformation, James and Devin discuss the documentary "I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye" over a cup of coffee. Well, not really, but they do discuss the documentary plus whether or not Thanksgiving and Advent are Christian holidays that should be celebrated ecclesiastically, civilly, and in our families. Lots of worldview discussion and statements from a Biblical worldview that acknowledges Christ the King!

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Merry Christmas!