Things That Make You Go Hmmm

In this podcast we take a break from our Defending Calvinism Series to focus on some divisive and controversial issues that are weakening and tearing down the Church. In this episode of Standing Firm we deal with one of these examples. This weekend there is a virtual event being called “A Call to the Holy - A Time of Mourning,” being led by some very heretical and unqualified teachers. This edition of Standing Firm is geared to inform and warn against heresies and heretics that being brought into the Church.

Slow and Steady

Pull a chair up by the fireplace and join Pastor James Brown Jr. and Devin Maddox in January's installment of The PODestant Reformation. In this episode, titled Slow and Steady, we talk about New Year's resolutions, football, baseball, Dispensationalism, and historical Protestant eschatology. In our discussion on eschatology, also called the doctrine of future things, James and Devin make application to our current state and reveal why a proper Biblical eschatology is important. Although they believe Premillennialism and Amillennialism to be orthodox, you will discover they favor Postmillennialism as being on the side of the angels and that Dispensationalism is like the NFL's "prevent defense." The only thing it prevents is you from is winning. In other words, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy of defeat.

Defending Calvinism Series: T2 - Common Ordinary Heretics

In this episode we continue with our third installment of the Defending Calvinism Series and our second podcast on Total Depravity. We have been reviewing a series of videos by Matthew Stucky of Verity Baptist Church in Manila. The reason why we are reviewing Mr. Stucky's videos, called Exposing Calvinism Clips, is to show the danger of the New IFB Movement and to defend the Biblical doctrines of grace. This New IFB Movement is the natural end of the historical libertine heresy. It is corrupt and heretical, but it is also the common arguments against Calvinism that you will be confronted with in society. Please consider helping this ministry by financially supporting Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity.

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Recovering the Biblical Gospel from the American Gospel

By Pastor James Brown Jr. 

This Sunday, January 27th, 2019, Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity will begin preaching through the book of Ephesians. We have titled this expositional series of Ephesians as Recovering the Biblical Gospel from the American Gospel because, in making application, we will see that the America gospel is corrupt. There is an obvious reason for this corruption—American Christianity is apostate. From Joel Osteen to Andy Stanley; from the mainline denominations to the New IFB Movement; American Christianity has rejected the God who called us into the grace of Christ unto a perverted gospel.

Defending Calvinism Series: T1 — Common Ordinary Reprobates

Join Pastor James Brown Jr as he defends the doctrines of grace against the attacks of Matthew Stucky of Verity Baptist Church Manila. This series will be broke up into 5 subgroups following the TULIP acronym. In the first part of this series we will deal with the doctrine of Total Depravity. This first episode refutes the New IFB doctrine of "normal, common, everyday unsaved people" as presented by Matthew Stucky. Don't miss this series as we assault the gates of hell with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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