Ecclesiastical Reformation - Part 2

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The Christian Post published an article reporting Outreach Magazine's report on the 100 largest and fasting growing churches in America. If you want to know the real reason for America's demise, just look at this list.

Outreach Magazine is publishing several articles as part of their coverage of their report on America's fastest growing churches. The top article, and the one that caught my attention, is titled Three Keys to Engaging a Post-Church Culture.

The content of this article was no huge surprise although the heartache is not relieved through this knowledge. Yet, once the shaking of the head ceases anger follows because this is exactly the problem.

Outreach Magazine concluded the three keys to engaging a post-church culture are:

  1. Accept people where they are
  2. Make it easy for your congregation
  3. Prove the value you are offering

Without question, following these guidelines will allow you to be bigger, richer and more popular in a post-church culture, than say, preaching "thus saith the Lord." But this is the problem. A culture is never engaged with the truth and the Great Commission is never fulfilled by following this false ecclesiology.

Although there was much truth in the article, what was missing was an absolute commitment to Sola Scriptura and the gospel. We can be loving, compassionate and sincere but without obedience to the Word of God we shall not be successful.

What we need is a return to the ancient faith. If this is your desire you can help us fulfill the Great Commission by becoming a supporter of this ministry. We are combating a false Church that seems unlimited in its resources. Although our trust is in the Lord, He has ordained means. He will bless the five loaves and two fishes but we must first give them.

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Schisms in the Body: Introduction

By James Brown Jr.

It is unfortunate but necessary to begin this series of blog posts with a disclaimer. Since more time is spent making judgment upon hearts rather than the words and actions of any individual or entity, we must preemptively dislodge any foreseen distraction from the real issues. If not, we will waste countless hours arguing about unseen and unknowable purposes of the heart. As is always the case, the utilization of such argumentation is solely for the purpose of establishing our own righteousness.

In this series, we are going to be addressing polemics and discernment in general, but particularly the recent controversy stemming from an article from the Christian News Network titled Tattoos for Jesus? Group Raises Funds for ‘Church Plant’ by Tattooing Members, Sampling Booze.1