Thank you for visiting the blog of Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity.  We are in the beginning process of planting a Reformed church in central Indiana.  We are planting Holy Trinity in Mooresville, Indiana.  Our target region is Morgan County, southern Hendricks County, southwestern Marion County, and western Johnson County.

We are looking for families with a vision to reform the Church and the family.  Church planting requires vision, dedication and sacrifice.  However, if we are not willing to step out of our comfort zone then we really have no ground to complain.  We must roll up our sleeves, pick up our trowel and sword and begin to rebuild the house of the Lord and the walls of America.

While the last few decades have seen an increase in Reformed theology, Biblical education and the conversation of reformation, the real evidence of true revival will be when godly families begin to labor to rebuild the Church and family.

"Now one sign of a true revival, and indeed an essential part of it, is the increased activity of God’s labourers."  —Charles Spurgeon

If you are interested in finding out more information concerning this ministry project, please contact us at reformedholytrinity@gmail.com