Help Advance Christ's Church

It is March 2013 and we are in the midst of the most exciting time of our ministry’s existence.  As you enter the hour of despair God extends more grace to miraculously deliver His servants.

If you would like to see Christ’s Church advance into central Indiana you can partner with Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity to proclaim God’s Word to a lost nation.  Your financial contributions will help establish Holy Trinity in Mooresville, Indiana and enable us to proclaim the message of regeneration, revival and reformation.   Holy Trinity is committed to true worship, covenantal community and faithful mission in fulfilling Christ’s commission.

Please pray that God would be merciful and expand and advance His Church in Mooresville, Indiana.  Your prayerful support of this ministry is greatly needed and much appreciated.

Thank you and God bless!

Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity
PO Box 1125
Mooresville, Indiana 46158