re: Urgent but not Fearful

By James Brown Jr.

Recently, we began sharing our short-term vision, goals and execution plan concerning our outreach ministry especially concerning the internet.  In order to make sure there are not any misunderstandings there are a few additional items of information we would like to share.

First, internet ministry is not our main mission.  It is a part of our mission in that the internet is a tool we can use to edify saints, proclaim the gospel to sinners, defend the faith and also promote the center of our ministry which is the church.

Last year we began planting Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity in Mooresville, Indiana.  We are establishing a particular and visible ministry to gather the elect in a covenant and functioning body of Jesus Christ; advance the gospel locally, state-wide, nationally and globally; defend the faith; and, minister in all things and ways in prescribed by Holy Scripture.

It is important to point this out due to the new evolving methods of ministry in America.  We are not an invisible entity or so universal we lose our particular identity.  Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity is a Reformed church in the historical understanding concerning what a church is, does, operates and even looks like.

In our modern American context this at times looks like we are traditional and at other times innovative.  Because we are building block by block any focus on one block may confuse the viewer without understanding our vision.

Where we fall short in these areas it is not because we are doing something different but because we are still building.  Therefore, because many elements of this work are still under construction its image is not fully visualized.

Second, in our post Urgent But Not Fearful, we shared some of this vision as it relates to advancing our ability to evangelize, provide tools in discipleship and defend the faith.  This is not a change in direction or vision but a transitional phase in our planting and building of this church.

As we transition these elements of our ministry it will be over time.  However, it is a short-term transition of months rather than years.  It is our hope for this transition to enhance our internet abilities will begin in July.  We are still in the information and preparation stage to be better stewards of Christ’s Church.  Still yet, the time is upon us and so we have informed our local congregation and friends scattered throughout the Universal Church of this exciting news.

Our purpose is to give God praise and also to encourage others to join with us in this exciting work to build and advance the Kingdom of Christ.

For more information about Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity please see the following links.

Thank you for your friendship, prayers and support!  God bless!