Restoration Campaign

Dear Brethren,

“So the disciples determined, every one according to his ability, to send relief to the brothers living in Judea.” –Acts 11:29

Greetings! My name is James Brown Jr and I am the pastor of Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity. We are a Protestant Church located in Morgan County, Indiana and we are asking for our brothers and sisters in Christ to consider helping us renovate our church building.

In October of 2013, we began the work of planting a conservative Reformed church in the growing southwest suburbs of Indianapolis. By God’s providence, Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity began in our home in Mooresville, Indiana.

Mooresville is on the edge of a growing metropolis due to industrial expansion and suburban development on the southwest outskirts of Indianapolis. This growth is due in part to the location of the Indianapolis airport and the infrastructure that connects the southwest side to Indianapolis. This growth will increase with the construction of Interstate 69, which will secure the development of the south-west side of Indy into the metro area.

Since Mooresville is on the edge of developing suburbs in the Indianapolis metropolis, the rural evangelical churches have been in steady decline for at least two decades. The evangelical trend has been the abandonment of small town rural churches for the suburban mega-church. Although this is tragic, it has afforded us the opportunity to find a home for Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity while this rural area continues its transition into the Indianapolis metropolis.

In 1900, the Episcopal Methodists constituted New Harmony Methodist Church and built a meeting house at what is now 8209 New Harmony Road in Morgan County. Due to the decline of rural evangelical churches, New Harmony Methodist Church was no longer able to continue its ministry due to the rise of the megachurch movement in the 1990’s and the 21st Century.

Rather than absolve and allow the property to fall to ruin, they began praying for another church to be able to come in and continue the purpose for which this property was set apart 116 years ago. In the fall of 2014, Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity had grown to the point of needing additional space but was still too small to take on the responsibilities of property rental or ownership. By the providence of God, the trustees of New Harmony Methodist Church and the elders of Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity were able to meet and discuss possible options.

Due to the desire of the trustees for this property to remain a church, we have been given the opportunity to preserve the past, improve the present and build for the future. It is our desire to reform this spiritual and physical legacy for the next 116 years.

The church house was originally constructed in 1900 but is structurally sound. However, it is in need of some TLC and renovation. However, the cost of restoring this building is only a fraction of what it would cost to buy already constructed property or to buy land and build new.

In the last year we were able to repair inner structural issues with the roof and the flooring but the major crucial item left is to repair some decking issues and replace the shingles. This is going to cost anywhere from $10,000–15,000.

These repairs would secure necessary renovations for the preservation of the structure for many years to come. From there it would only be issues of maintenance and remodeling that we could focus upon in the long-term. However, the roof repairs do not afford us that kind of time. Therefore, we would appreciate any help from God’s people who would like to invest in the advancement of the Gospel in south-central Indiana.

Although we are growing and able to support our basic needs, we are still not able to make the necessary renovations all at once. This summer we must repair the roof and replace some doors, door jambs and thresholds. These repairs cannot be put off any longer lest we incur major water damage due to deterioration.

In spite of this opportunity, the question might arise concerning our ability to sustain and grow due to our rural location. As we mentioned earlier, it is the decline of the rural evangelical churches that has afforded us the opportunity to take possession of a building and property without a mortgage.

First, we are not going to have large operating costs due since all we have to due is restore the property. We do not have a mortgage since the property is being transferred to us for the work of the ministry.

Second, although we are in a rural setting, the suburban areas are expanding just to the north of us. We are located just 15 miles southeast of Mooresville, 12 miles north of Martinsville, and 14 miles west of Franklin. In addition, we are only 23 miles from downtown Indianapolis and 17 miles from Greenwood. The population in Morgan County alone is around 70,000 of which 64% are religiously unaffiliated according to 2010 statistics.

Please prayerfully consider helping us preserve this historical building, restore the work of the church in south-central Indiana and advance Christ’s Church into the future.

Your donations are tax-exempt but most importantly your investment in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ will net benefits in regeneration, revival and reformation today, tomorrow and forever.

Thank you for your consideration and may God bless!

For Christ & His Church,

Rev. James Brown Jr.
Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity
PO Box 1125
Mooresville, Indiana 46158