Support HB 1134

The time to end abortion is now! Indiana has such an opportunity. Rep. Curt Nisly has introduced the Protection of Life bill in the Indiana House. It has been assigned as HB 1134 and referred to the Public Policy Committee. Two additional representatives, Rep. Chris Judy and Rep. Robert Morris, have signed on as coauthors.

The GOP leadership in Indiana has vowed to ignore this bill and unless we the people stand up to make our voices heard, this bill will die in committee or killed in some fashion. It is absolutely essential that every Hoosier who is opposed to abortion write, email, and call their House representatives and urge them to support HB 1134. The most urgent task is to write, email, and call Rep. Smaltz who is the chairman of the Public Policy Committee. 

This bill deserves a fair hearing in the committee and on the House floor. Please understand that the Public Policy Committee and every House representative is under extreme pressure not to buck the GOP establishment on this issue.

House Speaker Brian Bosma has made it clear he does not want this bill to come to the House floor, much less passed by the Indiana House. Although he is a Republican and claims to be pro-life he has clearly stated his opposition to this bill. We must rise up and make sure our representatives hold fast to their principles as stated in the 2016 Indiana Republican Party Platform, which states, “We believe that society has a moral responsibility to protect all children, born and unborn. We support the ongoing efforts of Governor Pence and Indiana lawmakers to continue to pass, and enforce, pro-life laws that protect the unborn and promote a culture of life here in Indiana.”

The protection of Hoosier children is in our hands. Let’s end the murder of Hoosier babies so that Washington D.C. will hear our voice and stop this senseless murder of the innocent.

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What You Can Do:

•Share this link on your social media feeds.

Contact State Rep. Ben Smaltz. Rep. Smaltz is the chairman of the Public Policy Committee HB 1134 has been assigned. Tell him you support HB1134, the Protection at Conception Bill. Let him know the time has come to stand tall for the unborn in Indiana. Insist he hold a hearing and move the bill to the House floor for an up-or-down vote. Tell him you will monitor the progress of HB1134, and his action on the bill.

Telephone: 800-382-9842

•Contact your state House representative. To find your representative go to

•Contact Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma.