The PODestant Reformation Debut

Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity has a brand new podcast that just dropped its first episode. Join Pastor James Brown Jr. and Devin Maddox as they podcast in pursuit of reformation in a postmodern society. Each episode will challenge the inept worldviews of our culture with the truth of God's Word. This podcast is broken up into two main segments. The first is called the Glorious Grind, which will be a discussion about everyday Christian living and matters pertaining to home and work. In the second segment we will enter The Forbidden Forum, where we will discuss taboo topics of religion and politics!

In this episode James and Devin spend some time introducing themselves and talk about the plaguing inability for Christians to make proper category distinctions

We had some audio difficulties so please bear with us as we work to get everything functioning as it ought. Thank you for listening and we hope that you will tune again again next time.